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Like any profession, Insurance companies have their own language, terms and definitions. It pays to be an informed consumer. Use our Insurance Dictionary to help navigate some of the most commonly used terminology.

Errors and Omissions Reading Room

  • Lawyer Errors and Omissions insurance... 
  • Attorney Malpractice insurance...
  • Lawyer Professional Liability insurance....

                               ...different terms for the same insurance coverage.  If you find the whole business a little confusing you are not alone.  A multitude of factors go into determining your firms eligibility for different types of coverage and if any discounts apply. Some Insurance carriers provide special discounts for some areas of practice and penalize premiums for others. It is very difficult for Attorneys to know which Insurance Carrier is the right match for their law firm. We have the experience and market relationships to navigate the confusing California insurance marketplace. To help our clients, we assembled a collection of articles from professional journals and the American Bar Association that may help to explain how your coverage is affected by your firms areas of practice and some helpful hints in things your firm can do to lower your risk and your premiums.

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Legal Resources on the Web. We have collected some useful Legal Links all in one convenient place. Save this URL as a favorite page for future use. Please feel free to email suggested links for this page.

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